It’s Not Just Verizon V. FCC–Other Obstacles to an Open, Competitive Market for High Speed Internet Access Services Need to Be Cleared

By | Beyond Telecom Law Blog | February 11, 2014

The real surprise of the D.C. Circuit’s opinion in Verizon v. FCC was not that the anti-discrimination and anti-blocking rules of the Open Internet Order were vacated, but that the court found the FCC has jurisdiction to regulate Internet access services providers under Section 706 of the Act.

Bitcoins and Liability in the Wake of Recent Silk Road Arrests

The recent arrests[1] of Robert Faiella, an alleged seller on online marketplace Silk Road, and Charlie Shrem, the CEO of the startup BitInstant, marked a recent round in a series of law enforcement actions against what the government characterizes as a “rise in criminal activity”[2] by people using the cryptographically-controlled digital currency, Bitcoin.