Depository of International Online Privacy Resources

By | eMedia Law Insider | December 5, 2013

One of our more popular posts of the year was the recent Online Marketers’ Guide to Online Privacy.  It focuses mostly on U.S. law with some mention of of the E.U. Safe Harbor issues.   The purpose of this post is to host information regarding international online privacy issues.  If you know a good resource for a country not listed, let me know and I will update this periodically.

Google Glass in the Workplace: Issues Employers Should Be Aware of – Joseph Lazzarotti

By | LXBN | December 4, 2013

Whether it’s social network use or employees smartphones or even just plain-old email, employers have enough to worry about when it comes to technology and concerns with regards to workplace privacy and data security. Well, Google Glass could take it to a whole new level—and that doesn’t begin to consider things the general workplace distractions. 

Nanotechnology Industries Association Report Examines Impact of Nanotechnologies On the Global Divide

The Nanotechnology Industries Association (NIA) recently published a report entitled Closing the Gap: The Impact of Nanotechnologies on the Global Divide, which looks at how nanotechnology-based inventions and their potential applications could be implemented in developing countries, and whether they could benefit the most underprivileged populations.