QVC Sues Shopping App for Web Scraping That Allegedly Triggered Site Outage

QVC Sues Shopping App for Web Scraping That Allegedly Triggered Site Outage

Operators of public-facing websites are typically concerned about the unauthorized, technology-based extraction of large volumes of information from their sites, often by competitors or others in related businesses.  The practice, usually referred to as screen scraping, web harvesting, crawling or spidering, has been the subject of many questions and a fair amount of litigation over the last decade.

The Sony Data Breach is Bad, but the Trend Behind It is Even Worse

By | LXBN | December 5, 2014
Photo Credit: xsix cc

When news initially broke that hackers had infiltrated Sony Pictures and stolen information, much of the discussion revolved around the five movies stolen and the effect of the leak at the box office. But as media delved further into the released files, it turns out the hack was a lot worse than originally anticipated—and signals a growing trend in state sponsored corporate espionage.

What Happens in the Cloud Stays in the Cloud: Government Reinforces Export Control Insulation for Cloud-based Computing and Processing

By | Technology's Legal Edge | December 4, 2014

The US Department of Commerce, Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS) recently released a redacted Advisory Opinion dated November 13, 2014 that confirms for cloud-based software vendors (or Software as a Service providers) that allowing access to export controlled software for use only in the cloud (or on servers) does not constitute an export of that software to the user.