Upcoming Event: Overview of Seed Stage Financing Structures

By | Energy Technology Matters | February 13, 2017
Seed financing is critical to entrepreneurs and emerging growth stage companies looking to jumpstart their business, yet the initial investment a business needs can often be the hardest to find. Particularly for clean energy companies building new, industry-disrupting technologies, bringing in early financing can enable start-ups to develop and test their products and designs. View Full Post
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2017 Global Cybersecurity Policy: Challenges & Highlights

By | Steptoe Cyberblog | February 13, 2017
The growing dependence of states and societies on ICT systems means they face a higher risk of cyberattacks. Increasingly sophisticated hacking attacks target not only individual people and companies, but also highly developed countries. Although cyberattacks can have disastrous consequences, research shows that we still miss the mark in preparedness. View Full Post
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