Three Ways to Indemnify Your Business (or Your Client’s Business) from Smart Contract Risks

By | Steptoe Blockchain Blog | June 28, 2017
This post builds on our previous exploration of indemnification for smart contract risks.  Today, we suggest three tools to address these risks:  (1) cybersecurity insurance policies, (2) indemnification agreements with outside vendors, and (3) “make whole” agreements among the smart contract parties themselves.  View Full Post
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New York Attorney General Unveils Latest Ticket Bot Enforcement Actions Against Ticket Vendors and Software Developer

With summer concerts and music festivals in full swing, many fans will be surprised to find $145 face value tickets reselling online for $3,000 to $11,000. On May 11, 2017, New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman took the most recent step in dealing with this problem, and announced seven settlements in “ticket bot” enforcement actions, calling for settlement payments totaling $4.19 million. View Full Post
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NRC Issues Early Draft Guidance On Advanced Reactor Testing Needs & Prototype Reactors

By | New Nuclear | June 28, 2017
In prior posts we have touched on the importance of prototype and test reactors in enabling the eventual commercialization of advanced reactors.  To help in those efforts, the NRC recently issued early draft guidance on “Nuclear Power Reactor Testing Needs and Prototype Plants for Advanced Reactor Designs.”  This document has been issued to support a public meeting on the topic, currently scheduled to occur sometime in August 2017. View Full Post
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New Jersey Attorney General Relegated to the Sidelines in Qui Tam Action

By | Drug & Device Law | June 28, 2017
The New Jersey Supreme Court has ruled that once the Attorney General declines to take over a qui tam action, he can no longer use administrative subpoenas to compel testimony and documents from defendants and witnesses. In the Matter of the Enforcement of New Jersey False Claims Act Subpoenas, __ A.3d__, 2017 WL 2458163 (N.J. View Full Post
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The Queen’s Speech 2017: The Future for UK Data Protection Regulation

The Queen’s Speech was delivered 21 June 2017, setting out the government’s legislative plans. Key proposals from a data protection perspective include: The introduction of a new Data Protection Bill, which will incorporate the General Data Protection Regulation ((EU) 2016/679) (“GDPR”), and the new Directive which applies to law enforcement data processing into UK law; and A new Digital Charter, to ensure that the United Kingdom is the safest place to be online. View Full Post
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Judge Approves Neiman Marcus Data Breach Settlement

Last week, an Illinois judge preliminarily approved a $1.6 million settlement between Neiman Marcus and a class of customers affected by a 2013 data breach. The settlement, which the parties agreed to in March, covers U.S. residents whose credit card or debit card was used between July 16, 2013 and January 10, 2014 at any Neiman Marcus store. View Full Post
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Taking Stock of the “Blockchain Amendments” to the Delaware General Corporation Law

By | Venture Law Blog | June 27, 2017
Two amendments have been proposed to the Delaware General Corporation Law (the “DGCL”) to permit corporate record keeping utilizing blockchain databases (the “Blockchain Amendments”). Specifically, “stock ledger” is to be defined in Section 219 of the DGCL to include ledgers “administered by or on behalf of the corporation,” in order to permit a record keeping system utilizing blockchain databases. View Full Post
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