Some credit Donald Trump’s win to his savvy social media presence, including tweeting.  He reached millions of voters and caught the nation’s attention with his tweets.  The courts are now recognizing this phenomenon. In a recent trademark dispute between a DJ and a rapper over the trademark “LOGIC,” the Sixth Circuit recently criticized a district... Continue Reading

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Is the US Olympic Committee’s #TwitterBan Fair or Foul?

The 2016 Summer Olympics will officially* begin in eight days. Yet the U.S. Olympic Committee’s (USOC) efforts to enforce the Olympic trademarks are truly an eternal battle. While the USOC has a reputation for aggressively enforcing its trademark rights, the USOC seems to have set a new personal record for aggressive tactics, attempting to enforce... Continue Reading

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How to Stop (and Remove) Online Impersonations on Social Media, Other Websites There are many ways in which professionals and companies are being harmed online and on social media. One increasingly common form of online harassment is impersonation of the person (or company) that the harasser is intending to harm through the creation of fake public personas on social media platforms or websites. Impersonations, or impostor accounts as… Continue Reading
To Save Secrecy Lawsuit, Twitter Must Challenge DOJ’s Decision to Classify Surveillance Requests This month, a federal judge dismissed Twitter’s lawsuit challenging limits on the disclosure of government requests for information on Twitter users, pressing the company to file an amended complaint contesting the government’s decision to classify such requests. The case, Twitter, Inc. v. Lynch, began in 2014 after the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) prohibited Twitter … Continue Reading
Actor Can Proceed With Twitter Defamation Lawsuit, Likely to Unmask Anonymous Twitter User Actor James Woods, who sued an unknown Twitter user for $10 million last summer, is one step closer to unmasking that user’s identity. Last Monday, Judge Mel Recana of the Los Angeles County Superior Court denied the defendant’s Special Motion to Strike, allowing Woods to go forward with his case against defendant John Doe — Twitter… Continue Reading
A belated happy new year to all. While we were away recharging our batteries to gear up for what is already an intense election season marked by increasing talk of drug pricing issues, we caught up on a few new developments regarding some drug marketing and promotion issues that we frequently address (in addition to … Continue Reading
How to Report Abuse, Harassment on Twitter Twitter recently announced that it has updated its Twitter Rules “to clarify what we consider to be abusive behaviour and hateful conduct,” wrote Megan Cristina, Twitter’s head of Trust & Safety, in a Dec. 30, 2015 blog post. According to Cristina’s blog post (“Fighting abuse to protect freedom of expression”), the policy changes are intended to… Continue Reading