A Year in Review: FTC Data Privacy Actions and Its Impacts On 2017 and Beyond

By | Privacy Law Blog | August 18, 2017
Whether it means taking a prominent role shaping data security for the Internet of Things, or addressing high profile breaches, the FTC has adopted an active position in policing data privacy and security. And, as data becomes increasingly digital in its form and protections, data security is of paramount importance for all types of intelligence—whether financial, medical, or otherwise sensitive.   View Full Post
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Before You Fire That Political Extremist . . .

By | Employment & Labor Insider | August 18, 2017
If you’re a private sector employer, you can generally fire an at-will employee for his or her political beliefs or expression. The First Amendment, as we discussed last week, does not limit you. Depending on where you are, there may be state or local laws protecting employees from discrimination based on their political beliefs or activities, but those jurisdictions are the exception, not the rule. View Full Post
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All You Need to Know About Flying Your Drone During the Solar Eclipse

Next week, on August 21, a solar eclipse (or the alignment of the sun, moon and earth) will take place for the first time in 38 years. The last time this cosmic event occurred, there were no battery-powered supercomputers—smartphones—in your hand to fly a self-stabilizing, GPS-guided aircraft with a camera and a broad spectrum wireless control system. View Full Post
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The 5 Worst Pieces of Cannabis Legal Advice We’ve Seen in California (from a Much Longer List)

By | Canna Law Blog™ | August 17, 2017
Since moving to Los Angeles, I have non-stop been reviewing the work of other “cannabis attorneys” from all over California that were working for their clients under Proposition 215, and I have to say that far too much of what I’ve seen has disturbed me when it comes to corporate formation, financing, and entity structures. View Full Post
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Government Unveils Post-Brexit Customs Paper

More than a year has passed since the UK voted to withdraw from the European Union without much clarity ever given to businesses on what the terms of the intra-EU trade with the remaining EU27 would look like post-March 2019.  This has led to many of our clients planning for the worst possible option, i.e. View Full Post
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Who Needs Parliamentary Procedure Anyway? Part 2

By | The Law of Order | August 16, 2017
My last post provided the simple answer to why organizations still use (the seemingly outdated, archaic-sounding) parliamentary procedure: They use it because they are following state law, or because their bylaws say that they will adhere to a certain parliamentary authority (rulebook) and they have to follow their bylaws. View Full Post
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The Past, Present, and Future of Government Regulation of Off-Label Communications – Part 4

Picking up from my last installment of this series exploring the regulatory history of off-label communication, this post highlights some recent trends in FDA enforcement and guidance related to off-label promotion.  Not surprisingly, FDA has taken a hard-line approach in its guidance on off-label communications, similar to the Agency’s forceful January 2017 memoView Full Post
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Do Your China Products Come from North Korea? What Will the Jury Say?

By | China Law Blog | August 14, 2017
One of our China lawyers got a weird call a few weeks from a somewhat distraught clothing manufacturer who had just learned that products his company was having made in China may in fact have been made in North Korea. This person wanted to know whether if that were the case whether he might go to jail. View Full Post
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And the Award for Most Oppressive Conduct by a Majority Shareholder Goes to . . .

By | New York Business Divorce | August 14, 2017
Over the years I’ve litigated and observed countless cases of alleged oppression of minority shareholders by the majority. Oppression can take endlessly different forms, some more crude than others in their execution, some more draconian than others in their effect. If there was an award for the crudest and most draconian case of shareholder oppression, Matter of Twin Bay Village, Inc., 2017 NY Slip Op 06024 [3d Dept Aug. View Full Post
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