Every now and then, the Supreme Court decides to review one of the thousands of cases sent its way each year, and even experienced lawyers wonder why. And then, when a usually deeply divided Court renders a unanimous decision, the case becomes even more intriguing. The Sackett Family’s fight with the enforcers at the Environmental... Continue Reading
As we touched in a previous episode of LXBN TV, and have seen numerous LXBN authors explain, Sackett v. EPA is a case that could have a very big impact on the EPA’s enforcement authority. Earlier this week the court ruled unanimously against the EPA; in plain terms, this means that EPA must allow judicial review of enforcement orders issued pursuant to its authority under the Clean Water Act. View Full Post
Oral arguments took place last week in Sackett v. EPA, a Supreme Court case that could have a major impact on the Environmental Protection Agency’s authority. If the EPA loses the case, in which an Idaho couple is challenging an EPA order identifying their land as “protected wetlands” and were halted from building a house on the property, it could potentially lose its ability to issue enforcement orders under the Clean Water Act without those orders being subject to judicial review. View Full Post