I Should Have Done More: Will Leaders and Companies Ever Learn from Their Mistakes?

By | DuetsBlog | March 12, 2013

Tuesday, February 26, 2013 was a bright, cold, sunny day as I prepared to depart State College, Pennsylvania, the home of Penn State football, after participating the evening before in a really interesting and wide-ranging panel discussion; an exploration of the problems this University is facing, and continues to face, before 200 people. The program was called, “Integrity in Times of Crisis.”

Not Free, but the Freeh Investigative Report Shows Its Value

Not Free, but the Freeh Investigative Report Shows Its Value

Last week’s release of the investigative report of the Penn State – Jerry Sandusky scandal has brought into clear focus the value of independent investigations, a topic my partner Dan Purdom addressed not long ago in this space. Although the Freeh report wasn’t free by any means, costing the university $2.5 million, it is a model of its genre. Apologists for Joe Paterno have tried to find faults in the report, but its clarity, thoroughness and objectivity are undeniable.

D&O – Duty to Defend Can Be a Heavy and Unavoidable Burden Even in Cases of Alleged Sexual Abuse

By | The D&O E&O Monitor | June 14, 2012

There are few in the nation who are not aware of the sex abuse scandal in connection with Pennsylvania State University, which began to be revealed in 2011, and in particular the allegations against Gerald A. (“Jerry”) Sandusky, a former assistant football coach at the university and an officer in a non-profit organization known as The Second Mile.

Jerry Sandusky’s Trial Starts: Will He Haunt Joe Paterno’s Legacy?

Jerry Sandusky, the assistant coach and friend to recently deceased Penn State coach Joe Paterno starts his criminal trial on June 11. The allegations are quite serious (“Jerry Sandusky trial: 4 of 9 jurors so far have ties to Penn State” by Michael Muskal):

Sandusky, 68, is charged with 52 counts of abusing 10 boys over 15 years. He is accused of abusing boys from the Second Mile, the charity he founded for at-risk children.