Obama's Second Term and the Law

In his first news conference since winning re-election, President Obama signaled that a comprehensive immigration reform bill will likely be introduced early next year and will address key issues such as border security, enforcement of laws prohibiting the employment of undocumented workers, and the fate of the estimated 11 million people who currently reside in the United States without legal status. View Full Post
What Did the 2012 Elections Mean for Privacy and Cybersecurity? The 2012 elections are over.  And it is time to assess the implications for privacy and cybersecurity in Washington and beyond. With the continuation of a divided government —  a Democrat in the White House, Republicans in control of the House, and Democrats in control of the Senate – for the next two years, many think the country in general is in for “more of the same” when it comes to politics, public policy and lawmaking. View Full Post
There’s a reason Wall Street poured a truckload—maybe boatload? building-load?—of money into Governor Mitt Romney’s campaign for president: they really would’ve preferred to see Barack Obama moving out of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue come January. Instead, they can expect more financial regulation, says Steven Berk of BerkLaw and The Corporate Observer. View Full Post
As Barack Obama wakes up this morning with another full four years in front of him as the United States President, the landscape is considerably different than had his opponent, Governor Romney, reigned victorious. To kick off an interview series on what a second term may hold, we bring in Daniel Schwartz of Pullman & Comley and the Connecticut Employment Law Blog to discuss what this means in the area of employment law.  View Full Post