Nike’s Trade Secret Lawsuit Against Former Designers Will Test Company’s Security Initiative

Credit: edtrigger

Athletic shoe manufacturer Nike filed suit on December 8, 2014 in Multnomah County Circuit Court in Oregon against three of its former designers alleging that the designers misappropriated Nike’s trade secrets and conspired with Adidas to start a new, competing business venture.

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Yums V. Nike — Yums’ Brief Re Jurisdiction and Covenants Not to Sue

By | IP Law Alert | August 24, 2012

In a prior blog, we reported that the Supreme Court had granted certiorari in Already, LLC dba Yums v. Nike, Inc., No. 11-982, to an appeal from the Second Circuit’s decision affirming the Southern District of New York’s holding that a covenant not to sue entered in a trademark dispute ended the case and controversy between the parties.

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