Is it Lawful to Terminate an Employee Who Attended a Neo-Nazi or White Supremacist Rally? Is “check to see if any employees came out to support Nazis or White Supremacist” the new normal for HR? After this weekend’s tragic and despicable events in Virginia, it looks like the answer is yes. The events in question involved a rally of white supremacist, KKK members, and Neo-Nazis that took place at the University of Virginia. View Full Post
Corporate Funeral Home Argues Religious Belief Exempts Title VII Anti-Discrimination Law On May 17, 2017, attorneys for a corporation operating a Detroit funeral home that fired a transgender employee filed its appeal brief. The brief argues that the corporation could fire a transgender employee who refused to follow its sex-specific dress code because allowing her to wear women’s clothes at work would violate the religious beliefs of the corporation’s majority shareholder. View Full Post