Oregon Will Make it Easier to Find Cannabis Business Owners Privacy for Oregon cannabis businesses just got tougher People who own businesses often try to keep their names off state-controlled websites and other public registries, to the extent possible. There are various reasons for this: the owners may hope to avoid receiving tax and legal documents in front of clients, may wish to avoid media inquiries, or may simply cherish their privacy. View Full Post
TODAY: Webinar on Rights and Responsibilities of Municipalities Regulating Cannabis Please join us today from 12 pm to 1:15 pm Pacific for a webinar on the rights, opportunities, and responsibilities of California municipalities regulating cannabis. The webinar will feature Brad Rowe of BOTEC Analysis, a drug and crime policy research and consulting firm, and Hilary Bricken of our LA office, who will present on the information, data, and legal and policy considerations local governments need regarding MAUCRSA and their ability to regulate or ban cannabis. View Full Post
FREE Webinar on What You Need to Know Now to Get Your California Cannabis License on January 1: December 18, Starting at Noon Get ready for California cannabis licensing If you are looking to get involved in California’s soon to be massive legalized cannabis industry, you do not want to miss our upcoming webinar, entitled, “What You Need to Know Now to Get Your California Cannabis License on January 1,” will be on Monday, December 18, from noon to 1:15 p.m. View Full Post
Much Ado About RICO and Cannabis, Part 3 Cannabis litigation is its own thing Two previous posts (here and here) discussed the McCart v. Beddow case, in which an attorney who was fed up with cannabis grows next to her rural home filed RICO (Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act) claims against dozens of defendants who allegedly participated in a criminal enterprise that damaged her by diminishing her property value, among other things. View Full Post
Protect Your Cannabis Business from the Bad Acts of Your Employees Ignore harassment complaints and face liability. If you have a successful cannabis business, you likely have employees. Whether you have a few or many employees, your cannabis business can be liable for the actions of those employees. This post (the first in a series) will explore the various ways your cannabis business could be liable for the actions of your employees and the ways you can protect against such liability. View Full Post