LXBN TV: Health Technology and Cybersecurity – Discussing the Latest in Regulation and Risk Preparedness

By | LXBN | November 5, 2014

With exponential growth in the wearable technology sector, it’s no surprise that we’ve seen an increase in attention on medical technology. And with that comes a second thought—what does all this mean from a cybersecurity standpoint? How protected is this data? It’s a question not only for these new entrants to the scene, but the old guard and institutions who use both.

LXBN TV: You Can Add the FCC to the List of Agencies Regulating Cybersecurity

By | LXBN | November 3, 2014

Cybersecurity has never been a bigger issue than it is now here in 2014. And it isn’t like it getting smaller anytime soon, what with a new regulatory agency jumping into the fray nearly every month. This month, you can add the FCC to the list as the agency issued its first data security fine, for $10 million against two telecommunications providers. 

LXBN TV: Fired Out of Fear of Ebola – Yes, This is Happening

By | LXBN | October 22, 2014

There is certainly danger in taking issue with the level of alarm some people are taking with regards to the Ebola outbreak. Certainly, it isn’t the worst thing to treat this deadly outbreak with the level of caution and concern it deserves Then again, we’ve seen plenty of instances when this level of concern has just gone too far.