LXBN TV: DOJ Charges China with Corporate Cyber-Espionage – How Prevalent is This?

By | LXBN | May 20, 2014

For the first time in history, the United States government has formally charged employees of a foreign country’s government with cyber crimes. This comes as the Department of Justice announces it will charge five members of China’s army with hacking into American companies’ networks and stealing corporate secrets. And that begs the question—just how prevalent is this?

LXBN TV: Marijuana Firing Lawsuit Pits Colorado Law Against Federal Law

By | LXBN | May 15, 2014

Americans can use marijuana legally in a number of states. They can do so recreationally in Washington and Colorado, and medicinally in 20 others. But even though it’s legal, there are repercussions—as employers are currently free to fire employees if they test positive for marijuana use that occurs off-the-clock. A lawsuit that will soon be heard by the Colorado Supreme Court may change that.

LXBN TV: We May Soon See a Federal Trade Secret Law

By | LXBN | May 13, 2014

It seems to happen so infrequently that you have to take notice when it does—Congress is working together, and they’re doing so on a piece of legislation that may soon bring about a federal trade secrets law. The proposed piece of legislation, the Defend Trade Secrets Act of 2014, would afford trade secrets the same level of protection other forms of critical intellectual property currently enjoy. 

LXBN TV: What Consumers and Corporations Need to Know About the White House Big Data Report

By | LXBN | May 9, 2014

Data is everywhere. Really, everywhere. The technology we used has enabled companies to collect more data than is imaginable—and now the biggest thing is figuring out how to use it. And that use of data, not so much the collection of it, was the focus of a report put forth last week by the the White House Big Data Working Group.

LXBN TV: Amazon Hit with Trademark Infringement Lawsuit by Adult Video Streaming Service

By | LXBN | May 7, 2014

There’s a truth in the technology world, and a funny one at that, that if you’re looking to see which video format is going to become the next big thing, you should look at the adult video world. Well, it seems they were spot on with streaming video over the internet to TV sets too, because Wreal’s Fyre TV has been doing it since 2007. And now they’re upset that that Amazon is going with Fire TV as the name of their video product nearly a full decade later.