Peggy Heffner Explains Why It’s Better to Be Strategic Than Try to Go Viral with Legal Marketing

By | LXBN | April 3, 2014

At the end of the day, it’s about more than just clicks. If your legal marketing and digital communications aren’t reaching their desired audience, it doesn’t matter how many people view them. In speaking with us as part of LXBN TV’s coverage of the 2014 LMA Annual Conference, Dechert LLP Public Relations and Social Media Manager Peggy Heffner shares her thoughts on why it’s better to be strategic than try to go viral. 

Preparing for a Communication Crisis

By | LXBN | April 2, 2014

It’s the place no law firm wants to be – the middle of a media fallout. Whether it’s dealing with pushy reporters or answering tough questions about a client, Chris Till, director of communications at Venable, gives advice at LMA 14 on what frame of mind public relations and communication specialists should have when dealing with the worst.

The LMA Annual Conference: Great for Face-to-Face Networking and Inspiration

By | LXBN | March 31, 2014

There’s no doubt: using social media can lead to meaningful professionally-beneficial relationships. But while you can get to know someone surprisingly well through tweets, Facebook statuses of LinkedIn updates—it’s good to have a real-world refresher with these people you talk to everyday. And for the legal marketing community, that’s exactly what the 2014 Legal Marketing Annual Conference provides.

Looking Back On the Multitude of Changes to Legal Marketing Over the Past Seven Years – Betsi Roach

By | LXBN | March 28, 2014

Technology is constantly changing, and constantly pushing things forward—quite possibly, nothing more-so than the world of marketing. And, certainly, the world of legal marketing has seen as much change as any. But as much as some things change, others always stay the same—like the fact that getting good work as a lawyer will always be about relationships.