LXBN TV: Best Practices for Workplace Policies On Acceptance and Accommodation for Transgender Emplotees

By | LXBN | May 26, 2015

Bruce Jenner’s recent announcement that he is making the transition to being female has brought discussion around transgender individuals to the forefront—and that includes discussion of treatment of such individuals in the workplace. Obviously, employers want to make all the necessary accommodations, but sometimes it’s not clear what those should be.

Discussing the Role of Marketers in Law Firm Mergers and Acquisitions

By | LXBN | April 15, 2015

Merging two law firms cannot be easy. Not only is there the difficult of blending teams of lawyers that can extend up into the hundreds, there’s the technology side of things to figure out, and lots of messaging to mesh together. Then again, these mergers are done for a reason—and it’s key for legal marketers to prepare for and capitalize on those.