21 Ideas to Beat Writer’s Block

By | Please Advise | April 24, 2014

Every blogger experiences writer’s block on occasion—that nagging inability to put fingers to keyboard. The densely-packed schedules of most attorneys often serve as a convenient excuse for letting lack of inspiration get the best of them.

Don’t let writer’s block win.

This recent Forbes article 50 Content Marketing Ideas for Your Website or Blog got me thinking—what are some solid content ideas for law bloggers?

Here are some ideas based on my observations.

1. Answer a client question (or question you think they might ask)

2. De-bunk a common myth

3. Teach someone something new

4. Comment on another blogger’s post through one of your own

5. Comment on a news event

6. Comment on a recent case and its takeaways for your audience

7. Make a list. (Oh, hey—this post is a list!) Your list could could be:

trends to watch
- Review and add commentary to a books/articles
things to avoid
ideas to try
common mistakes
a how to

8. Invite a guest to post

9. Interview someone else

10. Think about something all clients and potential clients should know about

11. Report on a recent development in your field. Explain what it means to your audience

12. Do a round-up post

13. Write about a conference you recently attended; share takeaways and photos

14. Write about a conference or event you will be attending or speaking at

15. Share slides and a summary of a recent presentation

16. Write about something you or your firm recently did in the community, particularly if your blog is geographically focused

17. Define terminology in your field and what it means for your clients

18. Take a strong stand on an issue

19. Write about your history and what got you where you are today

20. Share something humorous and related to law

21. Write about something completely unrelated to the law that lets readers get an idea of who you are as a person

Anything else to add?

image by photosteve101 via Flickr Creative Commons.
Updated and republished from original post: 21 Law Blog Content Ideas written by Helen Pitlick.