Reflections on the Two Year Anniversary of Superstorm Sandy Yesterday, I was up very early in the dark and flew from Tampa into a cool New Jersey morning in Newark – then drove down the Garden State Parkway along trees burning with red, yellow, and gorgeous shades of purple mixed with green. It is two years from the anniversary of Sandy's fury, and we are in the muck of New York and New Jersey claims and lawsuits which inevitably follow these major disasters. My mind reflected on about past storms, people, and judges that played a role resolving similar disasters over the past decade. Six years ago in It's A Marathon, I noted: "The Austin American-Statesmen quoted Galveston Judge Jim Yarbrough as stating that Hurricane Ike recovery efforts are going to be more of a marathon than a sprint. He is right, especially for those in areas that had a combination of storm surge and wind related damage. The Judge noted that it was going to take at least two years before a substantial recovery is made. Sadly, he is entirely...



As we reported in March the issue of whether Named Storm deductibles apply will likely be the subject of Sandy litigation. As a reminder, many state insurance departments issued bulletins indicating that insurance companies should not impose hurricane deductibles on homeowners, mainly because the classification of Sandy shifted from a hurricane to a post-tropical storm as... Continue Reading