Are the EU antitrust cases against Google really just Russian roulette? The New York Times reported that the EU antitrust cases against Google are very broad and “relate to Android, Google’s mobile operating system, some of its dominant online search services and some of its advertising products.” The October 30, 2016 story entitled “The Stakes Are Rising in Google’s Antitrust Fight with Europe” includes this observation… Continue Reading
In 2007, Google bought online ad network DoubleClick, which uses cookies to collect and store data about Google users from their browsing history, to best place clients’ ads. This past June, Google revised its privacy policy to state that users’ activities on other sites tracked by DoubleClick “may be associated with [their] personal information.”  This … Continue Reading
Russia fines Google $6.8 million for Android antritrust violation! Even though “…Yandex retains more than 50 percent of the market for internet search, according to industry statistics”, Russia fined Google because “Google’s rivals had not been able to include their own offerings, like digital maps or search.”  Little surprise that the New York Times reported that Google’s denied of any wrongdoing …saying that it competes… Continue Reading
Google’s Fair Use Defense Thwarts Oracle’s Attempt to Recover $9 Billion in Copyright Case In a high-profile case, a jury recently found that Google’s use of portions of Oracle’s Java software code was allowable under the fair use doctrine and thus did not constitute copyright infringement.  Oracle sought as much as $9 billion in damages from Google for incorporating approximately 11,000 lines of Oracle’s Java software code into Google’s... Continue Reading