Genesis Healthcare v. Symczyk

To Moot or Not to Moot—the First Flsa Case in Texas to Grapple with the Genesis Healthcare Ruling Authored by Steve Shardonofsky What happens when an object with greater mass collides with a smaller object?  Yes, the smaller object typically bears the brunt of the force and splits into two or more pieces.  According to a recent decision by Judge Keith Ellison of the Southern District of Texas, this is exactly what happens... Continue Reading

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  Three years ago, Professor Richard Epstein of the University of Chicago was peddling falsehoods and misconceptions about malpractice law that wouldn’t pass a 1L Torts class. Via Walter Olson, I see he’s back with a piece titled, “The Myth of a Pro-Business SCOTUS,” claiming “Commentators inaccurately condemn the five conservative justices as corporate shills.” … Continue reading

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Back in January 2012, I posted a short item titled, Supreme Court Sets The Tone For 2012 Term: Might Makes Right, in which I recounted how the Supreme Court had begun the 2011-2012 term with two opinions that were great if you own a prison management company or fake credit repair company, but not so … Continue reading