Pet Stores Under Attack-Continued: The New York City Pet Store Law Violates the Commerce Clause

By | Animal Law Update | September 28, 2016

At its core, the Law is an attempt at economic protectionism of the City’s favored source of pets, animal shelters and rescues, who are expressly exempted from the Laws’ sourcing restrictions and mandatory sterilization requirements for pet stores, and discriminates against articles of commerce (puppies) coming from other states based simply on their origin from Class B licensees.

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Immigrant Visa Processing Changes – EB2 Worldwide Current in Oct; EB2 India and China Advance, but Remain Behind EB3; Visa Office On Priority Dates, Demand, and Predictions

By | Immigration View | September 26, 2016

In our continuing series of reports, Charles (“Charlie”) Oppenheim, Chief of the Visa Control and Reporting Division, U.S. Department of State, shares his most recent analysis of current trends and future projections for the various immigrant preference categories with AILA (the American Immigration Lawyers’ Association).

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