Massachusetts Adopts Intrastate Crowdfunding Rules, Effective Immediately

The Massachusetts Securities Division has recently joined a number of other states in adopting a “crowdfunding” exemption from securities registration requirements for certain offerings made within the Commonwealth, with the stated purpose of enabling startups and entrepreneurs to more easily use the Internet to raise capital. 

Can I Crowdfund in Wisconsin Yet?

Can I Crowdfund in Wisconsin Yet?

Wisconsin’s equity crowdfunding law, which was unanimously passed by the legislature and signed by Gov. Walker last November, officially took effect on June 1, 2014.  Wisconsin is one of 11 states that has “taken matters into its own hands” by passing its own crowdfunding laws while the federal rules are still pending.

Crowdfunding for Music Artists

Many unsigned or independent music artists struggle to finance studio time, recording an album, touring the country or even promoting their music locally.  The struggle can push some artists to treat their talents like a hobby or even give up the dream of performing professionally. Others work full- or part-time jobs to raise the money themselves while playing small gigs for little pay. Some industrious artists use crowdfunding websites to raise the capital necessary to fund their talent.

LXBN TV: For Crowdfunding Entrepreneurs, Failing to Fulfill Promises Has Real Repercussions

By | LXBN | July 23, 2014

The advent of crowdfunding has led to some incredible feats of entrepreneurism—the realization of products, restaurants and services that may have never seen the light of day. It’s also led to one man raising more than $50,000 just to make some potato salad. The thing is, non-serious campaigns—or even serious ones that fail to make good on promises—could face repercussions.