Costa Concordia: Finally Upright, What’s Next?

By | Cruise Law News | September 18, 2013
Credit - EU Humanitarian Aid and Civil Protection

Lots of people thought that once the Costa Concordia was finally brought back from the dead and uprighted in Giglio, the cruise ship would be hauled off into the Italian sunset and taken to a scrapyard for dismantling. That’s not going to happen anytime soon. As much as we all hope and dream that this cursed cruise ship would simply vanish from our collective sight, unfortunately life is not as simple as this.

Costa Concordia Emerges from the Sea

By | Cruise Law News | September 17, 2013
Costa Concordia Emerges from the Sea

Twenty months after the Costa Concordia crashed into the rocks and capsized off the coast of Giglio in a maritime disaster that killed 32 people and terrorized thousands others, the cruise ship emerged from the Mediterranean this morning following a spectacular “parbuckling” salvage effort costing over $800 million.