Small Sources of Air Emissions, Even if Temporary, Must Now Keep Records to Verify Exemption from Air Permitting Requirements

By | Louisiana Law Blog | March 30, 2017
louisiana By Tokesha Collins-Wright and Maureen N. Harbourt The general rule under Louisiana law has long been that any activity that results in emissions of air pollutants must obtain an air permit from the Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality (LDEQ) unless a specific exemption applies. View Full Post
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Fining Procedures Confound Condominium & Cooperative Boards in Florida

Side profile of business executives in an officeQuestion: Our association tried to fine an owner who violated our rules, but decided the process was too complicated. Can you provide a step-by-step outline of how fines are issued and collected? (M.G. by e-mail) Answer: Fines can be imposed against condominium and cooperative unit owners, occupants, licensees and invitees. View Full Post
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Does Management Want Detailed Health Care Records When Seeking to Medically Verify a Service or Emotional Support Animal Request? No.

By | Fair Housing Defense | March 29, 2017
In this era of an ever-increasing number of service and/or emotional support animal requests received by professional apartment leasing offices, three of my clients have faced the same issue recently. Here is a common fact pattern: our resident submits a request for an emotional support animal. View Full Post
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Missouri Considers Eminent Domain Legislation

The Missouri State Legislature is considering a bill in response to a proposed electrical transmission line project. House Bills 640 and 795 were proposed by Rep. Nate Walker, R-Kirksville. If passed, the legislation would: Ask utility companies to use existing project routes when building on private property Require all future routing to take place along boundary or section lines Require all projects to avoid impeding irrigation and use agricultural machinery Require 60% of all land acquired in eminent domain to be given voluntarily Provide tougher restrictions on how the utility company can use the land Limit the amount of pounds per square inch the company can put on the land Limit the number of times a utility company can apply to the Missouri Public Service Commission in pursuing eminent domain Both bills are waiting to be assigned to committee. View Full Post
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Solar in the Frost: What to Watch Out For

By | BuildSmart | March 29, 2017
solar panels As solar technology continues to become more efficient, construction of solar plants is expanding rapidly around the world, including in colder environments that, in the past, may have lacked the irradiance necessary to make solar feasible.  Installation of solar panels north of the frost line creates some additional risks that solar developers, owners and contractors should consider. View Full Post
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Dilapidations Claims: Repair or Despair?

How can landlords make sure they can claim for the diminution in the value of their reversion when the lease of a dilapidated property comes to an end? Doing no work but hoping to claim was not a successful strategy for the landlord in the case of Car Giant Limited and Acredart Limited v The Mayor and Burgesses of the London Borough of HammersmithView Full Post
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President Trump Signs H.J. Res. 37 Canceling the Fair Pay and Safe Workplaces (“Blacklisting”) Rule

By | The Procurement Playbook | March 28, 2017
Last month, we wrote about the House passing a resolution (H.J. Res. 37) pursuant to the Congressional Review Act to repeal the Fair Pay and Safe Workplaces rule (commonly known as the contractor “Blacklisting” rule). At the time we predicted the resolution would also pass the Senate and be signed by President Trump. View Full Post
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