LXBN TV: Law Firm Bankruptcies Present Lessons for Distressed Businesses with Human Capital—Isaac Marcushamer

By | LXBN | January 11, 2013

By all accounts, Dewey & LeBoeuf financial distress and ensuing Chapter 11 bankruptcy was not handled well. After all, it’s hard to handle intense turmoil well—but it isn’t impossible. My guest today on LXBN TV recently compared Dewey’s Chapter 11 to the one filed by Florida law firm Ruden McClosky, who handled their financial distress much better. That guest is Isaac Marcushamer of Berger Singerman and their Business Reorganization Report, as he explains that any business with a wealth of human capital could learn a lot from each of their situations. 

LXBN TV: Why Legal Project Management is a Game-Changer for Lawyers & Law Firms—Pam Woldow

By | LXBN | January 10, 2013

“Well, if we’re more efficient for our clients, then we’re not going to make enough money.” Believe it or not, that is actually a frequent complaint cited by those who choose not to employ legal project management. But, for those lawyers and law firms who do want to—you know—provide quality service to their clients, legal project management can be a phenomenal tool. Joining me today to explain the basics of legal project management and quash some of the excuses for not employing it is Pam Woldow of Edge International and her blog, At The Intersection