SCOTUS Reverses 9th Circuit On Logging Road Culverts – New Rule Irrelevant

SCOTUS Reverses 9th Circuit On Logging Road Culverts – New Rule Irrelevant

The Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) today vacated the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit decision in Decker v. Northwest Environmental Defense Center, holding that the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)’s original interpretation of its original regulations warranted Auer deference, that a new EPA rule on the subject did not moot the case, and that the new rule was not really relevant to the case.

Study Reveals Alarming Statistics On Theft and Employee Misuse of Company Data—Littler’s Harry Jones

By | LXBN | March 20, 2013

Over half of American respondents to a recent survey thought it would be fine for a software developer to reuse source code they created from one job at their next position. That’s one of a number of alarming figures in a recent study conducted by The Ponemon Institute. Joining LXBN TV today to break down the study and offer guidance to employers on keeping sensitive information and data inside the company is Harry Jones of Littler and their blog, Unfair Competition & Trade Secrets Counsel.

Hong Kong Website Can Continue Selling Alleged Counterfeit Fashion Apparel After Court Declines to Exercise Extraterritorial Jurisdiction

By | Technology Law Source | March 20, 2013

A court in the Southern District of New York enjoined the defendants from selling fashion apparel in the United States that allegedly infringed the plaintiff’s trademarks, but it declined to exercise extraterritorial jurisdiction to stop the defendants from using their Hong Kong website to continue selling the same apparel to the rest of the world.