LXBN TV: Atlanta Lawyer Ken Shigley Reflects On His Time As President of the State Bar of Georgia

By | LXBN | June 12, 2012

I am in a constant state of amazement at the quality of lawyers on the LexBlog Network—whether they be partners at AmLaw 200 firms, solo small-town plaintiffs lawyers or anything in-between. Somewhere in that “in-between” land we have Atlanta attorney Ken Shigley, who recently concluded his term as President of the State Bar of Georgia. He joins LXBN TV to explain how he ascended to that role, comment on some of the more memorable accomplishments during his term and offer his thoughts on challenges and opportunities in the legal industry right now. Shigley is author fo the Atlanta Injury Law Blog

Can Legislation Create Consumer Demand? Constitutional or Not, Health Care Insurance Reform Still a Win for Consumers

By | The Corporate Observer | June 12, 2012
Can Legislation Create Consumer Demand? Constitutional or Not, Health Care Insurance Reform Still a Win for Consumers

With the Supreme Court poised to announce a ruling on the constitutionality of President Obama’s Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (“Obamacare,” if you will) any day now, consumers are beginning to look to the future: what happens if the law is struck down? The surprising thing is, insurance companies, such as UnitedHealth, are already saying they will continue to follow some of “Obamacare’s” requirements even if it is overturned by the Court AND even if it reduces their profits.

NLRB Asks Court to Reconsider Ruling On "Quickie Election" Rules

By | Labor Relations Today | June 12, 2012

The National Labor Relations Board filed a Motion to Amend or Alter Judgment yesterday in Chamber of Commerce of the United States of America v NLRB, Civil Action No. 11-2262, where District of Columbia District Court Judge James Boasberg struck down the NLRB’s “quickie election” rules because the NLRB lacked a quorum when it passed the new rules. The motion also asks that the new election rules be reinstated pending final judgment.

Supreme Court Grants Cert in Amgen Securities Suit

By | The D & O Diary | June 12, 2012
Supreme Court Grants Cert in Amgen Securities Suit

On Monday, June 11, 2012, the United States Supreme Court granted the petition of Amgen for a writ of certiorari in a securities lawsuit pending against the company. As a result, next term the Court will be addressing the question of whether securities plaintiffs must establish in their class certification petition that the alleged misrepresentation on which they rely was material. The Court’s June 11 order can be found here.

FunnyJunk V. the Oatmeal Threatened Lawsuit Going Nowhere

FunnyJunk V. the Oatmeal Threatened Lawsuit Going Nowhere

I love writing about lawsuits and I love reading The Oatmeal, so imagine my joy when I heard that The Oatmeal was threatened with “a federal lawsuit!” Hooray! Unfortunately, I doubt it’s as much fun for everyone else, and deep down the case raises a very important issue: the extent to which artists can complain in public about perceived or actual infringement of their works by user-generated content websites.

Doing Business in China: Standardization Versus Localization

By | China Law Blog | June 11, 2012

Bill Dodson over at the This Is China blog did a post on what I see as a very common issue for companies doing business in China: the disconnect between China and the home office.  The post is entitled, “A GAP in Understanding China” and its focus is on the GAP company in China. Before I start discussing Bill’s post, let me state right off the bat that I am always hesitant to criticize a company too early for what it is doing in China.

WSJ Report On Inheritances

WSJ Report On Inheritances

A provocative headline appeared on the front page of today’s Wall Street Journal: “Kiss That Inheritance Goodbye”. A special report, written by Anne Tergesen, concludes that baby boomers won’t be getting as big of an inheritance, if any at all, because their parents are living longer and spending their savings. In fact, baby boomers may have to help their parents with medical bills and long-term care.

Mark Cuban Continues His Vigorous Defense Against the SEC, Filing His Third Motion to Compel Production SEC Interview Notes and Summaries

As we have previously mentioned, the developments in the SEC’s insider trading case against Mark Cuban have been worth watching closely, particularly because Mr. Cuban is one of the rare individual defendants who has the financial ability to mount a defense in such litigation against the SEC, and his counsel has raised numerous interesting defenses and issues that could impact cases in the future, especially in the area of discovery

Did the 911 Operator Order George Zimmerman Not to Follow Trayvon Martin?

One of the common misconceptions of the people who believe George Zimmerman is guilty of a crime, whether it be manslaughter or second degreemurder, is the claim that the 911 dispatcher ordered Mr. Zimmerman not to get out of his car and follow Trayvon Martin. This claim came up during my radio show when the caller claimed the 911 operator “ordered” George Zimmerman not to get out of the car and follow Trayvon Martin