LXBN TV: How a Boston University Student Ended Up Paying $22,500/song—Susan Neuberger Weller

By | LXBN | September 6, 2012

While “who’s this harming?” may be a very popular rationale or excuse when pirating media, I believe an even bigger sentiment is “yeah, but what are the odds of me—of all people—getting caught?” Well, it does happen, and when it does it costs quite a bit of money. As Mintz Levin attorney Susan Neuberger Weller explains, former Boston University student Joel Tenenbaum will end up paying $675,000 for downloading and distributing 30 songs on peer-to-peer file-sharing sites. Weller is an author on Copyright & Trademark Matters.

Due Process and Class Action Defense

By | Class Action Countermeasures | September 6, 2012

Defendants often argue that limiting the evidence they can produce in a class action violates their rights to due process. It’s an argument we take very seriously, but since it’s usually not the centerpiece of the argument, many defense arguments mention the concept briefly and then move on to the intricacies of Rule 23 or rebutting the plaintiff’s particularly careless allegations.

What to Watch Now in the World of D&O

By | The D & O Diary | September 6, 2012
What to Watch Now in the World of D&O

Every fall since I first started writing this blog, I have assembled a list of the current hot topics in the world of directors’ and officers’ liability. This year’s list is set out below. As should be obvious, there is a lot going on right now in the world of D&O, with further changes just over the horizon.

Blogging Best Practices for Lawyers – Part II

Blogging Best Practices for Lawyers – Part II

AThe next topic that Colin and Helen covered was effective editorial content. Colin said that he looks over every post that comes through the LexBlog network, and as he does, he’s looking for people who write like people. So often, bloggers just take their firm’s legal alerts and put them on their blog – but it would be more effective to add some personality instead, because it makes the posts more readable.