Trademark Civility

By | DuetsBlog | October 1, 2012

About a week ago I had the honor and pleasure of once again presenting the annual trademark review at the 11th Annual Midwest IP Institute in Minneapolis, Minnesota, with good friend and trademark guru Paul Mussell. And happily, TTABlogger John Welch once again graciously contributed the IP Book chapter on the Top Ten TTAB Cases.

CFIA to All About XL’s E. Coli Meat: “When in Doubt, Throw It Out.”

By | Marler Blog | September 30, 2012
CFIA to All About XL’s E. Coli Meat: “When in Doubt, Throw It Out.”

Looks like the CDC’s catch phrase is catching on.  However, figuring out what will be the extent of the tainted product seems like a work in progress.  And, with Verlyn Olson, Alberta’s Agriculture Minister, telling reporters: “that Alberta beef producers continue to have a high reputation for safety and quality, despite the growing recall list,” it sees confusion is the word of the day.

China’s Economy is Down. Your Opportunities Are Up?

By | China Law Blog | September 30, 2012

Twice in the last week, clients told me that their China sales had greatly increased in the last few months due to (not in spite of) China’s economic and other problems.  One of these companies sells a high end (but definitely not top of the line) home item.  The other sells industrial testing equipment.