Social Media As a Disclosure Channel – Slow but Steady

Social Media As a Disclosure Channel – Slow but Steady

Public companies are beginning to cautiously adopt social media as a disclosure channel. This area has experienced substantial changes lately as the SEC moved from a posture of threatening action against Netflix’s CEO for a post he made on his personal Facebook page to adopting a more relaxed and expansive position.

Unraveling Justice and the Coverage of the Jodi Arias Trial

In the immediate aftermath of the Jodi Arias capital murder trial Guilty verdict, spectators outside the Phoenix courthouse who made up the banner-bearing “mob” – ironically, Nancy Grace’s term, repeated in her HLN commentary at least 3 times immediately before the verdict – remarked that their faith in the criminal justice system had been restored.

California Lawmakers Making a Strong Push to Ban Hydraulic Fracturing—Michael Mills

By | LXBN | May 9, 2013

For more than a year, hydraulic fracturing has been one of the country’s biggest hot-button issues—both inside and out of the legal space. The cry from opponents of the practice, which uses pressurized liquid to extract natural gas from source rocks, is that we don’t know enough about its residual impacts and, as a result, regulations hasn’t been able to keep pace with industry. Joining me today from Stoel Rives‘s Sacramento office to explain what California lawmakers are doing to try to slow things down until we know more is attorney Michael Mills, author on the firm’s California Environmental Law Blog.