Cybersecurity Issues Continue to Draw Attention

By | The Securities Edge | October 11, 2012
Cybersecurity Issues Continue to Draw Attention

Cybersecurity issues continue to be a hot topic for companies. As discussed in my prior blog posts, “Get ready for increased cybersecurity disclosure requirements” and “SEC pushes for disclosure of hacking incidents”, the SEC continues to focus on cybersecurity and data breach items and has now begun to encourage public companies to disclose them, even in the absence of applicable rules or regulations.

The Future of Advertising? Amazon Finds More Ways to Make Money

By | DuetsBlog | October 11, 2012

My husband bought me a Kindle Fire last December. At first, I was reluctant to give up hard-copy books, but eventually I became obsessed with it (if anyone from my generation remembers the TV cartoon “Inspector Gadget,” this thing reminds me of Penny’s book/computer). So when the HD version came out, I decided to splurge on an upgrade.

One Day You’re in, the Next You’re Out: A Policy-by-Policy Analysis of the Fallout for Employer Policies in the Wake of the NLRB’s Decisions in Costco and EchoStar

By | Employer Law Report | October 11, 2012

Following closely after the NLRB’s first social media decision in Costco Wholesale Corporation (NLRB Case No. 34-CA-012421) just weeks ago, an ALJ for the Board has issued a mammoth 43 page decision in EchoStar Technologies (NLRB Case No. 27-CA-066726) striking down numerous employer policies that in his opinion unlawfully chilled employees’ rights to engage in protected concerted activity.

Are You Unhappy Enough to Change?

By | Cordell Parvin Blog | October 11, 2012
Are You Unhappy Enough to Change?

Over the years I have met many lawyers who were unhappy, or at the very least not completely happy with where they were in their career. Yet, most of those lawyers were content enough to not do anything about it. Have you ever met lawyers like that?

Politics in the Workplace – 27 Days to the Election

I recently had an opportunity to film a live webcast to address some key issues relevant to the following questions:   What happens when political discussion and activity infiltrates your company’s workplace?    What can employers do to regulate political discussion and activity in the name of maintaining employee morale and minimizing loss of productivity?