LXBN TV: With Victory in Court, Nevada Pumps the Brakes On Uber

By | LXBN | December 17, 2014

Uber’s been in the news a lot recently. Actually, Uber’s been in the news a long time, mostly for its legal issues. While the popular ridesharing service had, for a long time, been picking up victories left and right, things have changed and governments are slowing its spread down. Nevada is among the latest to quash Uber’s progress.

Patent Protection for Music Artists

By | Sports & Entertainment Beat | December 17, 2014
Patent Protection for Music Artists

Well-known musicians and other entertainers often identify opportunities for innovation in their industry and are able to obtain patent protection for such inventions.  Some obtain patent protection for improvements to musical instruments or to new approaches to their craft.  Here we highlight three well known performers who were each granted one or more patents.