Medical Malpractice Accountability Plummets, While Malpractice Epidemic Continues Unabated

I’ve written extensively about medical malpractice myths, including posts about defensive medicine, the realities of malpractice litigation (in which it’s more likely that a negligent doctor will evade responsibility than it is that an undeserving patient will be compensated), and the tricks played to deny injured patients their legal rights, like concealing evidence and intimidating expert witnesses.

FOIA Requests Target Potential Political Interference in EPA Fracking Decisions

By | Fracking Insider | August 9, 2013

The American Tradition Institute (ATI), along with the Free Market Environmental Law Clinic (FMELC), recently filed two requests under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) to compel the EPA to release correspondence received from administration sources potentially directing the Agency in its investigation of groundwater contamination it attributed to drilling operations near Dimock, Pennsylvania.