Certified Organic? FTC Cracking Down On Greenwashing – Bill Ruskin

By | LXBN | January 3, 2014

When you see that a shirt or cleaning spray or a soap is certified by so-and-so that it’s environmentally friendly, did you know the certifying body might actually just be the company that’s selling you the product? Well, if not, hopefully you won’t see these labels much longer as the Federal Trade Commission is cracking down on what’s commonly-called “greenwashing.”

Make Content Marketing a Priority in 2014

By | The Rainmaker Blog | January 3, 2014
Make Content Marketing a Priority in 2014

If there’s one area where attorneys can excel, it’s creating content.  Your knowledge and experience are useful not only in the court room, but can also be turned into a highly successful legal marketing strategy that can reap big rewards in terms of new client prospects.