75% of Homeless Youth Use Social Networks

By | Real Lawyers Have Blogs | August 31, 2012
75% of Homeless Youth Use Social Networks

On this Labor Day weekend, the weakest in our society may not feel the equal of others in many areas, but Facebook has created a community where all people are truly equal, even those without a home. The homeless feel accepted when engaging in social media, it’s a place where no one can judge them and they can find a sense of support and acceptance.

Good Guanxi Gone Bad. Connections Can Be Fleeting.

By | China Law Blog | August 31, 2012

Just had a discussion with a lawyer in my office on what can go wrong by “cutting legal corners” in China.  I frequently have this discussion with clients who want us to take a shortcut (usually one advised by someone who will benefit financially from it) that will allegedly speed things up or cost more.