LXBN TV: Explaining Libor and Examining Who’s Most-Affected by Interest Rate Scandal—Steven Berk

By | LXBN | July 20, 2012

Let’s get this out of the way: a network of global banks conspiring to fix an extremely influential interest rate in order to see huge financial gain is absolutely terrible, especially when the world’s financial system is strained as much as it is. What makes this Libor scandal unique, possibly leading to less public outrage than is warranted, is that it’s somewhat hard to begin to understand. To help explain exactly what Libor is, the nature of the scandal and who’s most-impacted by it, we bring in Steven Berk of Berk Law PLLC and The Corporate Observer

The Food and Drug Administration’s Surveillance of Employee E-mails: Intimidating Whistleblowers While Invading Employees’ Privacy

By | The Corporate Observer | July 20, 2012

As Senator Charles E. Grassley puts it, “the FDA is discouraging whistle-blowers.” How? By monitoring their employees using a computer program called SpectorSoft. Much like parents would monitor the internet usage of their young children, the FDA is screening personal email of a select few employees who raised safety concerns about certain medical devices in March 2010.