Your Websites Terms of Service Are Unenforceable

By | All About Advertising Law | November 17, 2014
Your Websites Terms of Service Are Unenforceable

The vast majority of Terms of Service (TOS) on websites are unenforceable. Companies spend a great deal of time and money in crafting what they believe to be appropriate website specific TOS which they hope will provide them with the various protections, safe harbors and advantages needed in dealing with the public or in transacting business.

Eleventh Circuit Endorses Different TCPA Liability Standards for Faxes and Calls

By | TMT Law Watch | November 14, 2014

The United States Court of Appeals for the 11th Circuit recently ruled in Palm Beach Golf Center-Boca, Inc. v. Sarris that a company that contracted with a third party advertising firm to send fax advertisements could be directly liable under the Telephone Consumer Protection Act for faxes sent by the third-party firm on the company’s behalf.