Chris Paskach, Partner at KPMG Forensic Technology Services, On Statistical Sampling

By | LXBN | January 31, 2012
LXBN at LegalTech

Predictive coding is one of the hottest topics in e-discovery right now and, of course, that makes it one of the hottest topics at LegalTech New York 2012. Statistical sampling is the technical side, and the logic, to predictive coding. The practice has the potential to drastically reduct e-discovery costs. In our interview, KPMG Forensic Technology Services Partner Chris Paskach explains what predictive coding is, how it can deliver better results, the concerns surrounding the practice and how KPMG’s products address those concerns and implement predictive coding in an effective manner.

Brett Burney of Burney Consultants On the iPad and Apps in the Legal Community

By | LXBN | January 31, 2012
LXBN at LegalTech

Over ten years ago Apple released the iPod, the revolutionary portable media player.  Now, Apple is the leader in consumer electronics with products like the iPhone, iPad, and their extensive line of laptops and personal computers.  The iPad in particular has made its presence felt in law firms, as attorneys have taken to using it for legal documentation, research, and keeping abreast of the latest news.  Brett Burney at Burney Consultants discussed the tools lawyers use with the iPad to utilize the this piece of technology to its fullest capabilities at LegalTech New York (2012).  LXBN TV got the opportunity to talk with Mr. Burney after his presentation.

CopperLegal Unveils a New Generation of Online Services at LegalTech

By | The Edge Room | January 31, 2012

January 30, 2012 – Denver, Colorado — CopperLegal, a division of Copper Services, today outlined that during the LegalTech 2012 conference in New York the company will be unveiling a new generation of technologies that enable small and medium sized law firms to create and manage virtual events, hold online meetings and connect to business content and Continuing Legal Education (CLE).

Onit Unveils Legal and Governance, Risk & Compliance Apps at LegalTech® New York 2012

By | The Edge Room | January 31, 2012

NEW YORK, Jan. 30, 2012 – Onit, a leading provider of business productivity and process management apps, today unveiled new apps at LegalTech New York 2012® for Legal and Governance, Risk & Compliance departments. Designed to help business and legal teams become more efficient at what they do, Onit Apps streamline operations, automate processes, drive control costs and help reduce company risk.

Shirley Gorman, VP of Client Relations at Payne Group, On Her Company’s Services and What Makes Their Offering Unique

By | LXBN | January 31, 2012

Shirley Gorman, VP of Client Relations at Payne Group explains what it means to be “migration specialists”, how they help law firms roll out products like Microsoft Office 2010. She also talks about what makes Payne Group unique in the industry, offers her thoughts on LegalTech and explains what Payne Group has going on at the conference.

Integreon Unveils Adaptive Coding with EView 4.0 Review Platform at LegalTech ’12

By | The Edge Room | January 30, 2012

NEW YORK – January 30, 2012 – Integreon, the largest global provider of integrated legal, research and business solutions, today announced the launch of version 4.0 of its eView™ hosted document review platform, newly enhanced with Adaptive Coding technology to automate the categorization, prioritization and batch coding of documents during the e-discovery review process.

Lisa Solomon On the Solo/Small Firm Meetup at LegalTech New York 2012

By | LXBN | January 29, 2012
LXBN at LegalTech

For both good and bad, LegalTech has always been mostly geared towards large law firms and those who cater to them. That said, you will still find some attorneys from solo and small firms there. Knowing this, Lisa Solomon—of the excellent Legal Research & Writing Pro blog—has set up the solo/small firm meetup at LegalTech New York. In our interview, she discusses what the event entails, where you can get more info and how to sign up. 

Relativity 7.3 and Review Manager Showcased by KCura at LegalTech New York 2012

By | The Edge Room | January 28, 2012

Chicago, IL – January 30, 2012 – kCura, the developers of the e-discovery platform Relativity, will be presenting demos and hands-on exercises for their software at this year’s LegalTech 2012 conference in New York. Throughout the conference, kCura will be at booth 210 to exhibit Relativity, while offering demos and hands-on labs in Concourse Afrom 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday and Tuesday.