LegalTech New York 2012

Kicking off our coverage of LegalTech New York 2012 we bring in Henry Dicker, Vice President of Events at ALM and Executive Director of LegalTech. In our conversation Henry Discusses LegalTech’s excellent set of keynotes—which includes John Frank, Deputy General Counsel at Microsoft; Don Tapscott, Chairman at Moxie Insight; and Kevin Genirs, General Counsel at Barclays International and former General Counsel at Lehman Brothers—the wide range of exhibitors at the conference and the numerous educational opportunities. View Full Post
As part of LXBN’s coverage of LegalTech New York 2012, Caitlin Murphy of AccessData joins us to discuss the new and modernized version of Summation, AccessData’s venerable litigation support software, summation. Summation, which has been around since 1989, sees a much more modern streamlined look, a new code base and is generally much more capable of accommodating today’s legal workflows. View Full Post
When we think of data breaches, it’s hard not to think first of malicious activity, some nameless hacker breaking into an encrypted file system and stealing countless individuals’ personal information. But in reality, as Charlie Magliato of Biscom notes, data breaches are usually caused by employee actions—and the potential for data breaches is just one of many challenges associated with data transfers. View Full Post
Scott Devens, Vice President at MEETandCONFER.COM, joins LXBN TV’s ongoing coverage of LegalTech New York to discuss how his company’s product, which is patent-pending, drastically improves the process of preparing for court-mandated “meet and confer” meetings. In their own words, MEETandCONFER.COM “has been specifically designed to create a cooperative environment between attorneys and their clients as well as with their opposing parties during this important stage of the eDiscovery process.” View Full Post