Direct Democracy in California – Initiatives and Referendum By: Chris Micheli Initiatives and Referendum In yesterday’s podcast, I discussed common misconceptions about elections in California. Today I am taking a deeper look at elections in California. Specifically, I will be talking about initiatives and referendum – two of three direct democracy processes available to voters in California. View Full Post
The Role of the Media in California’s legislative process By: Chris Micheli The Role of the Media in California’s Legislative Process Today’s podcast focuses on the role of the media in California’s legislative process. The media’s role is so important that they’re considered a fourth branch of government and sometimes referred to as the Fourth Estate. View Full Post
Rules for Effective Lobbying – Part 7: Set Yourself Up for Successful Client Relations By: Ray LeBov Rules for Effective Lobbying Part 7 – Client Relations In today’s podcast, I talk about my seventh rule for being an effective lobbyist: set yourself up for successful client relations. This is really a series of rules that will help you establish a solid foundation for a successful relationship with any client that you work with. View Full Post
AB 1407 – Escaping an Abuser’s Cell Phone Plan       AB 1407 Today I’m following up on the conversation I had last week with Beth Hassett. Last week, Beth and I talked about the work her organization, WEAVE – Women Escaping A Violent Environment – does with coalitions like the California Partnership to End Domestic Violence – CPEDV. View Full Post