I Know You Know, Because I Told You So: Effective Notice of Infringement in Canada

By | snIP/ITs | January 23, 2015

Copyright infringement is normally a factual question – it doesn’t matter whether one intended to copy a substantial part of someone else’s original expression if, in fact, one did so– but there are circumstances where the alleged infringer’s state of mind does matter.  Knowledge is relevant to secondary infringement under s. 27 of the Canadian Copyright Act, or to the assessment of statutory damages under s. 38.1, for example. 

Religious and Other Beliefs – What Protection from Discrimination Do Employees Have in France?

By | Global Workplace Insider | January 23, 2015

The place of religion and other beliefs within the workplace is fairly controversial, especially in France where the principle of secularism is deeply entrenched in the society as a whole. In this context, the pivotal issue is to determine the extent to which employees can be part of a professional environment and still live in accordance with their beliefs.