China Negotiating Lessons

By | China Law Blog | March 26, 2017
Negotiating with Chinese CompaniesJust read a post over at Andrew Hupert’s ChinaSolved Bog, entitled, 5 Negotiating Lessons from Sec. of State Tillerson’s Beijing Trip. Hupert, who I count among the foremost experts at negotiating with Chinese companies, uses Tillerson’s recent Beijing trip as the springboard for explaining five tips on how foreign companies should negotiate with Chinese companies. View Full Post
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State Department Orders ‘Extreme Vetting’

By | Immigration Blog | March 24, 2017
State Department Secretary Rex Tillerson has directed all consular chiefs to determine which populations of visa applicants should be subject to additional “extreme” vetting.  The March 15 direction is in response to President Donald Trump’s March 6 “Travel Ban” Executive Order and Presidential Memorandum on “extreme vetting.” The Memo directed the U.S. View Full Post
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European Commission Proposes Merging Insurance and Banking Supervisory Authorities

As part of the public consultation on the review of the European Supervisory Authorities (ESAs) the European Commission has proposed merging the European Banking Authority (EBA) and the European Insurance and Occupational Pensions Authority (EIOPA). This change is designed to replicate the ‘twin peaks’ structure common at a national level, with one market authority and one prudential regulator. View Full Post
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Class Counsel Fees in Settlement Agreements: The Quebec Superior Court Refuses to Rubber Stamp

By Louis Fouquet Louis Fouquet On January 23, 2017 Justice Claudine Roy of the Quebec Superior Court rendered an important decision whereby she refused to approve settlement agreements reached in parallel class actions against financial institutions on the basis that the fees claimed by class counsel, as part of the settlement agreements, were exaggerated. View Full Post
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Commission Consults On Developing Its Policy Approach to FinTech

The European Commission (Commission) has published a consultation paper, Fintech: a more competitive and innovative European financial sector. The consultation paper seeks input from stakeholders to further develop the Commission’s policy approach towards technological innovation in financial services. It seeks input in terms of stakeholders’ perspectives on new technologies’ impact on the European financial services sector, both from the perspective of providers of financial services and consumers. View Full Post
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PSR Statement On Card Schemes Subject to Domestic Interchange Fee Caps in UK in 2017/18

The Payment Systems Regulator (PSR) has published a statement on card schemes subject to domestic interchange fee caps in the UK in 2017/18. The PSR explains that the Interchange Fee Regulation (IFR) gives some discretion to national governments to grant a time-limited exemption from domestic interchange fee caps to certain three-party card schemes. View Full Post
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