On December 11, I will be presenting a CLE on Brewery and Distillery Law, discussing trademark issues affecting breweries and distilleries.  One of the topics that I’ll spend some time on during that presentation – and one that we’ve covered a lot here – is how the Trademark Office considers beer to be sufficiently related to wine and other spirits when evaluating a pending application for a likelihood of confusion with a registered mark.  View Full Post
CAO Lighting, Inc. v. Light Efficient Design, No. 16 C 482, Slip Op. (D. Idaho Oct. 11, 2017) (Nye, J.).* Judge Nye granted defendants’ motion to sever the claims against Light Efficient Design for manufacturing LED retrofit lighting devices and Electrical Wholesale Supply (“EWS”) for distributing those devices, to transfer the claims against Light Efficient Design to the Northern District of Illinois for improper venue and to stay the claims against EWS pending resolution of plaintiff CAO’s Northern District case against Light Efficient Design. View Full Post
Italy: Double win in TopLegal awards Partner Luigi Mansani receiving the award We are very pleased to announce our awards in Monday’s TopLegal awards for the following two categories: Best IP Law Firm, Best Independent Authorites/Regulatory Law Firm This confirms the excellence of our well known IP team in Italy and we are excited also to have been awarded for our regulatory activity in relation to advising the EU Single Resolution Board and our continued assistance to independent financial regulators on Brexit matters. View Full Post
The Australian Government’s recently expressed interest in cracking down on misuses of market power may have left some patent holders with concerns about the proposed amendments to the Competition and Consumer Act 2010 (the Act). All the fuss relates to section 46 of the Act: the provision which prohibits a company with a substantial degree of market power from taking advantage of that power to eliminate or damage a competitor, prevent market entry or prevent or deter competition. View Full Post
Naming things is a fundamentally personal, human act that sometimes – in a profession all about brand names – we take for granted. It’s easy to forget when we are clearing, registering, and protecting names, that at a basic level we are engaging with an essential part of human existence not so far removed from the story of Adam’s naming of living creatures in Genesis. View Full Post