Claims Handling Requirements by State – Arizona As we continue our state-by-state tour of claim handling guidelines we now visit Arizona. Arizona requires that insurance carriers acknowledge receipt of a claim within 10 working days of the claim being initiated.1 The carrier must also provide all necessary claims forms, instructions and assistance to the claimant promptly.2 They must reply to pertinent claims...… Continue Reading
Government investigations can be expensive endeavors for businesses. The availability of insurance coverage, which may help reduce those costs, can turn on whether the government investigation qualifies as a “claim” under the policy. Two recent decisions exemplify this issue. In Patriarch Partners, LLC v. AXIS Insurance Co., Patriarch Partners was the subject of a lengthy … Continue Reading
A California state court recently rejected an excess insurer’s attempt at an early exit from litigation over whether it owes coverage for cyber liabilities. In that case (previously summarized here), the policyholder, Cottage Health, suffered a data breach resulting in the disclosure of patients’ private medical information. Subject to a reservation of rights, Cottage Health’s … Continue Reading
In Universal Cable Productions LLC, et al. v. Atlantic Specialty Insurance Co., No. 2:16-cv-04435 (C.D. Cal. Oct. 6, 2017), the United States District Court for the Central District of California held that a “war” exclusion barred insurance coverage for losses arising from NBCUniversal’s decision to postpone and relocate production of its action-thriller miniseries Dig, due … Continue Reading
The deadline to apply for Hurricane Harvey FEMA/SBA disaster assistance is quickly approaching. The application filing deadline for physical damage as a result of Hurricane Harvey is October 24, 2017. FEMA can provide up to $33,000 in assistance to qualified applicants. Those homeowners and business owners who require more assistance, may be eligible for a...… Continue Reading

The D&O Diary is on assignment in Asia this week, with the first stop for meetings in Tokyo, Japan’s capital city. Tokyo is such an amazing place. With a population of 13.8 million in the city itself and a total of 37.8 million in the Tokyo prefecture, it is by some measures the most populous … Continue Reading

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