What Obama’s Immigration Reform Proposal Look Like? Examining Its Key Component

By | LXBN | November 19, 2014
Credit: Flickr user Mr. Wright

Ever since President Obama announced that he intended to make a move on immigration reform before the year is out, the media has been in a full tizzy. Though he has yet to announce what exactly his plan will be, some expect him to roll it out as early as this week, and if Obama does make good on his commitment to executive action, or “whatever lawful actions he could take” while acting alone, our country might very well be facing an entirely different playing field as we go into 2015.

LXBN TV: Midterms Are in the Rearview, So the Stage is Set for the Battle Over Immigration Reform

By | LXBN | November 14, 2014

President Obama has planned to take action on immigration for a long time, and for a long time he’s put it off—with the reason for that in 2014 being that he didn’t want to harm Democrats’ reelection chances in Congress. Well, Republicans won the Senate anyway—and now, pushing his strategy for immigration reform all the way through may prove more difficult than ever. 

What the 2014 Election Meant for Obama’s Three Biggest Priorities

By | LXBN | November 13, 2014
Credit: Christopher Dilts

Well he’s over the hump: in the wake of his final midterm elections, President Obama is faced with his final two years and a Republican majority. It’ll either be very interesting, very uneventful, or possibly both. But Obama’s still got plenty on his to-do list from when he first came to the office; namely health care, immigration, and environment reform.