Is Medical Data Mining Helping or Hurting Us?

By | AdvoKayte | July 15, 2014
Is Medical Data Mining Helping or Hurting Us?

What would you think if you learned that your clothing size, the food you purchase and eat, the gym where you work out, and whether you buy cigarettes or not was being mined, or shared without your consent or knowledge with hospitals and physicians?

Let the Rejoicing Begin, or Not—Massachusetts AG’s Settlement with Partners Healthcare is No Harbinger of Things to Come

By | Health Law Update | July 14, 2014

After almost half a dozen years of investigating Partners HealthCare’s (Partners) contracting practices and its proposed acquisitions of two competing hospital systems, Massachusetts Attorney General (AG) Martha Coakley announced a “final resolution” that she says “will fundamentally alter [Partners’] negotiating power for 10 years and control health costs across [Partners’] entire network.”