Sixth Circuit Follows Suit On CERCLA Contribution/Cost Recovery Claims, Underscores the Importance of Settlement Language

On July 14, the Sixth Circuit joined five other Circuits in holding that parties who have settled their Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act (CERCLA) claims with the government are foreclosed from seeking cost recovery from other potentially responsible parties (PRPs) under CERCLA § 107. 

Of High Speed Rails and Litigation Snails: Train Rolls On As Third District Rejects Additional CEQA Challenges to CA High-Speed Rail

By | CEQA Developments | August 4, 2014

While CEQA actions are statutorily designed as special proceedings with priority over other civil actions, and thus mandated to be heard and resolved expeditiously, when complex or controversial projects with dedicated opposition are involved this salutary statutory scheme sometimes goes off track.