Local and National Environmental Groups Seek to Intervene in Denton Fracking Case

By | North America Shale Blog | December 9, 2014

On Thursday, December 4, 2014, in Texas Oil and Gas Assoc. v. City of Denton, Cause No. 14-08933-431, 431st District Court, Denton County, Texas, the Denton Drilling Awareness Group and Earthworks filed a Joint Petition in Intervention seeking to “provide a vigorous defense of the legality and enforceability” of the December 2, 2014, ordinance (the “Ordinance”) which banned hydraulic fracturing in Denton.

Anticipated Increases in Pipeline Regulatory Compliance Costs Prompt FERC Proposed Policy

By | Pipeline Law | December 5, 2014

In light of anticipated increases in operator compliance costs associated with PHMSA safety initiatives, FERC is issuing a Proposed Policy Statement for public comment that would allow interstate natural gas pipelines to use cost recovery mechanisms, such as surcharges or cost trackers, to recoup expenditures related to improved safety, reliability, and regulatory compliance.

Denton Ban Emboldens Fracking Opponents in Other Texas Cities

By | North America Shale Blog | December 5, 2014

After the first municipal ban on hydraulic fracturing in Texas went into effect on December 2in Denton, residents of other Texas cities are considering whether to pursue bans in their own backyards. Residents from disparate parts of the Lone Star state, including Reno (100 miles northeast of Dallas in Lamar County), Alpine (170 miles southwest of Midland in Brewster County), and Presidio (250 miles southeast of El Paso in Presidio County), have taken notice of the Denton election results.