An Update On Recent Oil- and Gas-Related Decisions in Ohio

By | North America Shale Blog | October 21, 2014

Due to increased drilling activity in the Utica shale formation, state and federal courts in Ohio and the 6th Circuit have recently issued decisions related to local drilling regulations, drilling permits, leasing, indemnity provisions, and whether a landowner can state a strict liability claim against a drilling company that survives a motion to dismiss.

Sierra Club Asks Court to Ban Use of Legacy Oil Rail Cars

By | The Energy Law Blog | October 16, 2014
Credit: Bill Herndon

As if crude producers and midstream transportation companies don’t already have enough problems trying to get crude oil from production fields to refineries thanks to inadequate pipeline infrastructure, tank car supply, rail safety concerns, and new regulations, they now also have to address a new, potentially market-busting lawsuit.