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Federal Court Warns Companies – If You Don’t Protect Your Trade Secrets, Neither Will We

In 2016 Congress passed the Defend Trade Secrets Act, creating a federal cause of action for the theft of trade secrets. For a plaintiff attempting to prove that the information at issue is a trade secret, there is a tendency to focus only on the information itself, rather than the manner in which the plaintiff...… Continue Reading

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Cannabis Trademarks: How to Coexist with Large Hairy Primates A recent post here looked at the “Gorilla Glue” trademark dispute between a cannabis business and a glue maker. As we’ve often seen, the cannabis business gave up its brand, rather than litigating. Sometimes a settlement is the best choice. When the cannabis business is the smaller, newer, less financially-sound company, facing an established brand holder with more resources for...

On Wednesday, the SEC proposed amendments to its disclosure requirements for public companies based on recommendations in the staff’s FAST Act Report and as part of a broader review of the disclosure system.  The comment period is open for sixty days.

The WSJ fairly characterized the changes as “modest and technical,” and Commissioner Piwowar is quoted as saying the amendments are intended to be incremental.  Our client memo describing all of the proposed reforms will be issued shortly.  The main areas that would impact periodic reporting and do not relate to securities offerings include:

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There are few really good excuses in life.  “The dog ate my ___” is one classic.  “Traffic” can serve as a reasonable excuse.  Temporary psychological inability to defend oneself does not seem like a good candidate, but in  Pierot v Leopold  2017 NY Slip Op 07154  Decided on October 11, 2017  Appellate Division, Second Department it succeeded. “The plaintiffs… Continue Reading
Canada Publishes A Consolidated SEMA Sanctions List

On October 12, 2017, Global Affairs Canada published a Consolidated Special Economic Measures Act Sanctions List.  Before today, Canadian companies had to review each regulation promulgated under the Special Economic Measures Act when conducting due diligence.  However, and this is important, the Global Affairs Consolidated Special Economic Measures Act Sanctions List does not include sanctions... Continue Reading

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In recent months, there has been an active dialogue regarding the regulatory burdens for public companies and whether these burdens have contributed to the decline in the number of U.S. initial public offerings (“IPOs”) and companies listed on U.S. securities exchanges. One of the burdens cited by commentators relates to the extensive disclosures required under the...Continue Reading…