California Medicinal and Adult Use Cannabis Webinar: The Video

By | Canna Law Blog™ | August 16, 2017
Last week, three of our California cannabis attorneys gave a one hour presentation on California’s Medicinal and Adult Use Cannabis Regulation and Safety Act (“MAUCRSA”). Topics discussed included vertical integration, multiple license ownership, major changes between the MAUCRSA and the MCRSA, and what license applicants can expect as rulemaking continues. View Full Post
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Trump Administration Takes Steps to Identify Chinese Violations of U.S. Intellectual Property Rights

On Monday, August 14, 2017, President Trump signed a memorandum directing the U.S. Trade Representative (“USTR”) to determine whether to initiate a Section 301 investigation of Chinese laws, policies, practices, or actions that may be harming the intellectual property rights of U.S. View Full Post
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Commerce Announces Preliminary Subsidy Margins On Certain Aluminum Foil from China  

  On August 14, the Commerce Department published a notice in the Federal Register announcing preliminary subsidy margins ranging from 16.56 to 80.97 percent in its countervailing duty investigation of certain aluminum foil from China.  The aluminum foil covered by Commerce’s investigation has a thickness of 0.2 mm or less, and is coiled in reels that exceed 25 pounds.   View Full Post
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Santa Barbara City Council Strikes Back Against Retail Malaise

The Santa Barbara City Council, in an effort to combat the retail malaise on State Street in Downtown Santa Barbara, has approved a pilot program that would streamline the permit and review process for potential commercial tenants. For prospective projects in the State Street area, the pilot program will include: (1) a dedicated phone line for questions regarding commercial space; (2) two designated staff members from the planning department to shepherd parties through the review process; and (3) priority placement of projects on the review board agenda. View Full Post
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China Establishes Its First Cyber-Court in Hangzhou: Thank You Alibaba

By | China Law Blog | August 16, 2017
China cyber lawScreenshot of Hangzhou Cyber-court Website, showing its Chinese name as Hangzhou Railway Transport Court as of end of June. China has adopted a plan to establish a cyberspace court in Hangzhou this week. The plan is for this court to accept filings electronically, try cases via livestream and hear only e-commerce and Internet related cases. View Full Post
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The CBSA Should Respect Solicitor-Client Privilege at the Canadian Border

By | Canada-U.S. Blog | August 16, 2017
The Canada Border Services Agency (“CBSA”) does have an internal policy with respect to examinations and searches of lawyers who are crossing the border into Canada.  This internal policy (Operational Bulletin PRG-2014-07 “Examination of Solicitor-Client Privileged Materials”) is not publicly available on the CBSA web-site, so we posted it.   View Full Post
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