MoFo Sponsorship: Israel Dealmakers Summit 2017

By | MOFO Jumpstarter | March 20, 2017
March 28 – 30, 2017 Pullman San Francisco Bay 223 Twin Dolphin Drive Redwood City, CA 94065 Israel Dealmakers Summit 2017 is the largest and most prestigious Israel-focused business event of the year featuring a meticulously curated gathering of more than 1,000 global corporations, investors, dealmakers and entrepreneurs from the United States, Europe, Asia and Israel. View Full Post
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The Economic Impact of Zika On the US Virgin Islands

By | Virgin Islands Law Blog | March 20, 2017
Throughout 2016, there were widespread concerns among travelers about heading to the Caribbean region, as the Zika virus outbreak caused concern particularly among pregnant women. The mosquito-borne disease is linked to brain damage in fetuses. Fears were particularly heightened when the media reported there were more than 100 positive cases in the U.S. View Full Post
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A Manual for How to Blow Your Due Diligence

By | The Ethical Investigator | March 20, 2017
Step one: don’t have a manual. That’s the message in an information-packed new book about the inner workings of the SEC just after the Madoff and now largely forgotten (but just as egregious) Allen Stanford frauds. In his memoir of five years at the agency, former SEC Director of Investment Management Norm Champ (now back in private practice) writes that he was stunned to arrive into public service in 2010 to find that examiners had no set procedures both when looking at regulated entities or in following up on their findings. View Full Post
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Florida Considers Going Unlimited with Medical Marijuana

In November 2016, Florida voters overwhelmingly approved, with more than 70% voting yes, expanded medical marijuana by passing Amendment 2. Now comes the tough work of implementing Amendment 2.  One bill, SB 614, proposes to throw out the current medical marijuana system in Florida (which was set up in 2015 to grow, process and distribute low-THC cannabis oil) which strictly capped the number of businesses allowed to participate in medical marijuana. View Full Post
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D&O Insurance for Marijuana Businesses: Yes, No or Maybe?

By | Canna Law Blog™ | March 20, 2017
Cannabis business insuranceA client asked me earlier this week whether I thought his company should purchase insurance for their directors and officers. His accountant had advised them to do so, and he was looking for a second opinion. This issue has come up often over the years, so here’s a quick primer on D&O insurance and whether it makes sense for marijuana businesses. View Full Post
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Forum Selection Clauses: Mandatory or Permissive? No Magic Words Required!

Contractual forum selection clauses may be “mandatory” or “permissive”.  However, there are times when a forum selection clause that appears to be permissive is actually mandatory.  Florida’s Third District Court of Appeal recently addressed such a situation in Quick Cash, LLC, v. View Full Post
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