Update On Pending Nevada Legislation to Redefine a Gaming Device Manufacturer

As previously reported, Assembly Bill 75 would amend what is considered “manufactur[ing]” under the Nevada Gaming Control Act. The proposed amendment would narrow the scope of developers involved in the gaming device manufacturing process that would need to be licensed by the Nevada Gaming Commission as “manufacturers.” Assembly Bill 75 has passed the Nevada Assembly and has been referred to the Nevada Senate Committee of the Judiciary for consideration. View Full Post
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FTC Warns Influencers to Be Clear About Endorsements On Social Media

Everyone who is anyone is on Instagram these days, apparently. But not all posts on the photo-sharing platform are purely organic: some result from material connections between influencer or celebrity posters and the brands or products they are endorsing. This connection is not always made clear to viewers, however, according to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). View Full Post
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Limiting Early Discovery in Parallel Criminal and Civil Cases

Companies are increasingly facing parallel proceedings involving government investigations and follow-on private litigation. These complex cases often involve competing interests between the parties that can influence a judge’s determination on discovery timing and process. Private plaintiffs are incentivized to obtain as much information about the case as early as possible to support their allegations and avoid having the case dismissed on summary judgment. View Full Post
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The Future of the United States – Chile Bilateral Tax Treaty Remains Uncertain

Business HandshakeOn February 4, 2010, after more than a decade of negotiations, government officials from the United States and Chile executed the first bilateral income tax treaty (“Tax Treaty”) between the two countries. This event marked an important next step in economic cooperation; the United States-Chile Free Trade Agreement, which entered into force on January 1, 2004, had already significantly increased free trade by removing tariffs, reducing barriers, and providing necessary legal protections for investors from both countries. View Full Post
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Volkswagen Announces Major Steps Toward Electrifying Its Vehicle Fleet

By | Dashboard Insights | April 20, 2017
While fans of electrifying rides got a boost from the box office this week, fans of electrified rides are living in exciting times as well. Volkswagen has delivered two major pieces of news in this space.  First, it announced that after dipping its toes in the waters of the electric vehicle market with its current e-Golf, it will be jumping in headlong, releasing four new affordable electric vehicle models in coming years, including a crossover, a midsize SUV, a hatchback, and a sedan.  View Full Post
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ICSID Tribunal Upholds a State’s Right to Investigate Criminality in Arbitral Proceedings

By | Latham.London | April 20, 2017
By Charles Rae An ICSID tribunal has unanimously rejected a claimant’s attempt to temporarily suspend a State-initiated criminal investigation involving two of its witnesses. In Italba Corporation v Uruguay[1] Italba Corporation (Italba) had applied to the tribunal for provisional measures enjoining Uruguay from proceeding with its investigation until after completion of the arbitration, arguing that the State’s conduct undermined the procedural integrity of the arbitral process. View Full Post
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A Completely New Take On Judiciary Law 487

Chandy Bounkhoun, Plaintiff,  v.  Steven E. Barnes, Esq. et al., Defendants. No. 15-CV-631A. United States District Court, W.D. New York.  April 11, 2017 is a stunning new decision from the Western District of New York.  Magistrate Scott takes us from Medieval England to colonial times to look at the the criminal law underpinnings of Judiciary Law § 487. View Full Post
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PwC Annual Study Reports Record Number of Securities Suits

By | The D&O Diary | April 20, 2017
Largely driven by a “dramatic” increase in the number of federal court merger objection lawsuits, securities class action litigation filings rose to the highest level ever in 2016, according to PwC’s most recent annual securities litigation report. The report also noted that for the first time securities litigation rose though the stock market performance during the year did not, contrary to prior patterns. View Full Post
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