Supreme Court Holds That Securities-Law Statutes of Repose Are Not Subject to Class-Action Tolling

On June 26, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that the pendency of a securities class action does not allow individual class members to opt out of the class and file separate actions under the Securities Act of 1933 more than three years after the relevant securities offering took place. View Full Post
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Tariff Reform: FMC Taking Aim

July 5 is the deadline to submit comments in response to the Federal Maritime Commission’s Notice of Inquiry seeking guidance on maritime regulations that should be modified or eliminated. As noted in our previous post, within the NOI the FMC specifically identifies the regulations which impose tariff publication requirements (46 C.F.R. View Full Post
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Protecting Your Business and Personal Devices in the Wake of WannaCry

By | Virgin Islands Law Blog | June 27, 2017
A major cyberattack recently hit about 200,000 computers across more than 150 countries, with an especially considerable effect on individuals with older computers and operating systems, as well as large organizations and universities. The attack was performed via malware that has since become known as “WannaCry,” which was created and published by a hacker group called Shadow Brokers. View Full Post
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Legislation Proposed to Revamp Pennsylvania Vape Tax

Just last year, Pennsylvania passed a draconian new tax on electronic cigarettes.  Imposed at the rate of 40% of the retailer’s purchase price, the tax applies to all “electronic cigarettes,” which is defined to mean an “electronic oral device, such as one composed of a heating element and battery or electronic circuit, or both, which provides a vapor of nicotine or any other substance and the use or inhalation of which simulates smoking.”  This term is defined to include both (1) a device, as described in the definition above, and irrespective how it is marketed, and (2) any liquid or other substance placed or sold for use in such a device.  View Full Post
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CalNonprofits Seeking Input On California Raffle Laws by June 30

By | Nonprofit Law Matters | June 27, 2017
Emily Chan CalNonprofits recently announced that new raffle regulations are being proposed and discussed this year in California.  CalNonprofits is asking nonprofits to weigh in on this discussion through a short survey, as explained in their announcement (reprinted in part below): In California, only nonprofits can conduct raffles. View Full Post
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Ancient Product Liability and/or Prehistoric Risk Assessment? “Scientists Recreate Californian Indian Water Bottles to Study Ancient Exposure to Chemicals”

By | GlobalTort | June 27, 2017
A recent article caught my eye as it in some ways bridges older and newer lines of thinking and living.  The article describes current researchers testing an old Indian bottle making process for risks related to the use of bitumen. The article is summarized in a June 23, article at Science Daily. View Full Post
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