Disgorgement Payment is Insurable Loss Where Payment Did Not Disgorge Insured’s Own Profits, but Those of Its Customers

A New York trial court, applying New York law, has held that a $140 million disgorgement payment by an insured broker-dealer to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission constitutes insurable loss, based on evidence that the payment did not disgorge the insured’s ill-gotten gains, but rather those of its customers.  View Full Post
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California Cannabis: More Big Changes Coming

By | Canna Law Blog™ | April 28, 2017
California marijuana lawWith passage of the Medical Cannabis Regulation and Safety Act (“MCRSA”) in 2015, California took a huge step towards regulating its medical cannabis industry after more than twenty years of minimal state government oversight under Proposition 215. Under the MCRSA, California medical cannabis businesses should expect a bevy of regulations spanning packaging and labeling requirements, mandatory quality assurance testing, advertising, seed to sale tracking, environmental impact restrictions, plant canopy and potency limitations, and financing and ownership restrictions. View Full Post
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Smoking, Epigenetics and Autism – Epigenetic Links?

By | GlobalTort | April 28, 2017
The ongoing revolution in molecular science will help answer fascinating questions, such as why is there is more materially more autism among granddaughters of smokers. The answers, in turn, could have profound effects on business practices and product liability litigation. An April 28, 2017 article at Science Daily outlines the question as to smoking and autism, and how epigenetic events may trigger adverse outcomes in later generations. View Full Post
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