Trespassers – Can You Shoot ‘Em?

By | Tilting the Scales | August 28, 2014

While riding the perimeter of his South Texas ranch in preparation for the upcoming dove season, Gaul Derrnit spies trespassers crawling through a new hole in his fence.  Twice before other illegal immigrants damaged Gaul’s fences and gates, water lines and water storage tanks, vandalized his property, burglarized an isolated ranch home and left massive amounts of trash. Derrnit is fed up. Recalling the murder of an off duty Border Patrol officer, Gaul is armed and “about ready to shoot ‘dem S.O.B.’s.”  May Derrnit shoot these trespassers?

Dram Shop Liability: A Growing Concern for Hotels, Restaurants

By | Virgin Islands Law Blog | August 28, 2014
Dram Shop Liability: A Growing Concern for Hotels, Restaurants

Along with all states, the U.S. Virgin Islands has a “dram shop law,” which is designed to enforce the public liability of establishments that sell and serve alcoholic beverages. In recent years, the potential for liability has had local hotels, restaurants and bars concerned about the likelihood of being targeted with a lawsuit if a patron is in an accident while under the influence of alcohol, so the Territory has now added its name to the list of jurisdictions that have imposed a limit to the liquor liability enforceable throughout its dram shop law.