Government Blocks Companies from Importing and Selling Children’s Products After Alleged Non-Compliance with Product Safety Laws

© Getty Images The U.S. Department of Justice and Consumer Product Safety Commission recently announced that they had entered into consent decrees with three New York-based toy companies and five individuals for importing and selling products that violate the Federal Hazardous Substances Act and the Consumer Product Safety Act. View Full Post
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Leniency Regulations Amended

The Competition Commission of India (Lesser Penalty) Regulations, 2009 (Leniency Regulations) have been amended by a notification issued on 22 August 2017 (Notification). The Leniency Regulations supplement Section 46 of the Competition Act, 2002, which sets out the statutory provision for grant of leniency in matters involving cartels and enables parties to ‘blow the whistle’ on cartel arrangements and avail up to 100% reduction in penalties. View Full Post
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Fox Rothschild’s Cannabis Law Practice Featured in Philadelphia Inquirer

By | In The Weeds | August 22, 2017
Today, the Philadelphia Inquirer published an excellent piece about local law firms that have embraced the legal cannabis industry, despite some of the risks and uncertainty inherent in the business for both lawyers and entrepreneurs. The article explains how important lawyers are for emerging cannabis businesses, and showcases some of the firms on the forefront of Pennsylvania’s budding industry. View Full Post
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Does Your LLC Agreement Have a Purposeless Purpose Clause?

By | New York Business Divorce | August 21, 2017
WARNING: Contractarians may find the following post disturbing. Reader discretion is advised. Now that I’ve got your attention, consider this: Under the standard for judicial dissolution of a New York LLC prescribed in the landmark 1545 Ocean Avenue case, the primary, contract-based inquiry is whether the LLC’s managers are unable or unwilling to permit or promote the stated purpose of the entity, as found in the LLC’s operating agreement or articles of formation, to be realized or achieved. View Full Post
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Brackett & Ellis Copyright Case Featured in Law360 Article

Law360 recently published an article about the Fifth Circuit case of BWP Media USA, Inc. v. T&S Software Associates, Inc.   The issue in BWP Media was whether “volitional conduct” is required for direct copyright infringement.   Defendant T&S Software Associates hosted an internet forum in which users posted images that infringed copyrights owned by Plaintiffs BWP Media USA and National Photo Group.  View Full Post
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Upcoming/New CFIUS Filing: Public Sector Pension Investment Board/Vertuous Energy Canada Inc. and Panhandle Wind Holdings 2 LLC

Status:  Upcoming/New Filing (updated)   Acquirer:  Public Sector Pension Investment Board (Canada); Vertuous Energy Canada Inc. (Canada) Acquired:  Panhandle Wind Holdings 2 LLC (US) Value:  Approximately US$58.8 million Industry:  Energy On June 16, 2017, Pattern Energy Group Inc., a renewable energy company with a portfolio of 20 wind power facilities in the United States, Canada, and Chile, entered into several Purchase and Sale Agreements with Vertuous Energy Canada Inc. View Full Post
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