The Covfefe Kerfuffle and the Rush to Register Trending Terms

By | DuetsBlog | June 22, 2017
While many of us are working our way through the flood of thought-provoking analysis of Matal v. Tam, I’m taking a break with some lighter fare, namely, covfefe. In case you missed it, the viral non-word “covfefe” was born out of a supposedly meaninglessly typo (perhaps a misspelling of “coverage”) in one of President Trump’s early morning tweets (alternatively, some suggest that covfefe has a secret meaning known only by a “small group” of officials–stay tuned!) Mere hours after President Trump’s tweet came the predictable flurry of opportunistic trademark applications.  View Full Post
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MLB: A Monopoly On “Baseball”?

By | DuetsBlog | May 11, 2017
The weather is finally getting warmer up here in Minnesota and it’s a great time to watch baseball, as I’ve been doing frequently of late. It’s been fun watching my home team, the Twins, enjoy a strong start to the season (anything above .500 is huge after our record-breaking disappointment last year), with our younger players making big improvements. View Full Post
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Celebrity Trademark Battle: “the Kitchen”

By | DuetsBlog | March 9, 2017
World-famous chef Wolfgang Puck recently became embroiled in a trademark battle with Elon Musk’s brother, Kimbal Musk, a venture capitalist and entrepreneur who owns The Kitchen Cafe, a family of restaurants in Boulder, Fort Collins, Denver, Glendale, and Chicago. Puck has opened new restaurants with the names “The Kitchen by Wolfgang Puck” and “The Kitchen Counter by Wolfgang Puck.” Musk’s company The Kitchen Cafe, LLC (“TKC”) filed a trademark infringement suit in Illinois federal court against Wolfgang Puck Licensing LLC (“Puck”). View Full Post
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